LR44 battery holder

Hi Everyone I am trying to source a button battery holder that holds 3x LR44 batteries. It needs to be as small as possible but the door needs to be secured with a screw.

Below is a picture of what i have now but this doesn’t pass the Australian compliance tests.

What else is available? TIA Cass

Hi Cassandra,

We don’t stock any LR44 battery holders sorry and I haven’t been able to find a similar triple battery holder outside of some thingiverse files and Aliexpress.
If the concern is meeting the new coin cell regulations would it be possible to substitute the coin cells for some of the smaller alkaline battery varieties that don’t carry the same risks and stringent compliance requirements?
AAA batteries are quite a bit bigger but there are some more exotic batteries out there like AAAA batteries that still have the same nominal voltage and are smaller than AAA while still having more current output than a coin cell.