LR44 battery question

Hey, guys! I don’t know how the run time of silver oxide 357 size button cell batteries compares to LR44 button cell alkalines. (For instance, in a Pelican L1). Is there a time difference between silver oxide and alkaline? When I swapped out the LR44’s in my L1 for the 357’s, I saw a noticeable increase in brightness…but at $2.00 a pop for the 357’s against 50 cents for the LR44s, an increase in run-time would be nice, too!


Hi Daniel,

Do you have a link to both of the batteries you were looking at?
It sounds like there might be a different chemistry in the LR44 (will result in an increased voltage).

This doesnt necesseraly mean a longer runtime, thats based on the capacity rating - usually in mAh (should be listed on the site that you purchase them from, sometimes it takes a little bit of digging though!)


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