M5Stack 6060-PUSH Linear Motion Control (CE07783)

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This an application-level module, which implements a motion & robotic control and it is totally customizable with different length. Packed with Stepper motor, Mega328 microprocessor, RS485 serial bus, 1515 framework. It realized a linear motion control, you can program the stepper motor to move a certain length with high precision. This type of module can be applied to 3D print, linear push and etc.

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Hi, what M5 Stack components are needed to drive the 6060 push eg RS485? Also do you stock M5 products for stepper motors? I would like to drive a stepper motor with buttons for forward and reverse.

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Hi Adam,

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You’ll definitely a board capable of outputting RS485, here’s one: M5Stack RS485 to TTL Converter Unit | Core Electronics Australia

And an example of getting one working: M5Stick-C with Stepper and IMU - Hackster.io

I haven’t come across any kind of driver that allows for simple button control of a stepper but there might be some options:

The most basic stepper drivers use a STEP and DIR pin to drive the coils, so you’ll need some external circuitry (might be a microcontroller or 555 timer based circuit).
Or there are motor controllers - these usually have some ‘smarts’ built-in, the board I linked before has the option for a potentiometer input. There’s some setup required but might work for your project, check out the documentation!