M5Stack Stepmotor module

Hi, I have been trying to operate the M5 stack ESP32 with the Stepmotor Module (M012), however the examples in Arduino IDE do not work for me, not even a printout on the screen. It compiles OK with the examples and appears to upload OK. Examples for other functions upload and work fine. Am I missing an important step?


Hi Keiran, firstly welcome to the forum! :smiley:

We will definitely need some more fine details on this one to be of help to you. Some details on the examples you are following, screenshots of your code, details on the power supplied to the Stepper module (battery or power supply unit), and which Core you are using for your stack would also be helpful. Is the screen actually powering on and just not displaying text or is the screen not turning on at all? The more info you can provide, the more we can check for errors! :slight_smile: