Magnet Wire Kit (PRT-11363)

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Magnet wire is super useful stuff, and when you need it there’s nothing else that will work. Whether you’re winding a transformer or choke, fashioning your own motors or just playing with electromagnetism in general, nothing beats this thin-gauge enameled wire. This kit comes with three common gauges of wire: 22, 26 and 30AWG. Everyone has his or her own method for removing the enamel insulation and make a connection to this stuff, but a little abrasion with some sandpaper or scraping with a hobby knife works well. If you have an open flame handy, you can burn the enamel off as well, just be careful!

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Question. Just wondering what the heat rating of this magnet wire is?

Hi @Sarlord,

I’m not sure, but it would be pretty hot. Like, burn your finger sort of hot!

At some stage, the enamel would break down, notably as you can burn it off with a lighter. I can’t pin down a datasheet, but I can confirm the heat rating would be “equal to or greater than burn your finger” but “less than naked flame” :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. Not sure how scientific equal or greater then burn fingers are but I understand them. I know you EX RAAF/RAAF are the Same (Serving RAN, let the rivalry continue😁). the reason I ask is I am looking at rewinding Mini quads motors like these bad boys Phaser FPV Motors I have conducted a few with what was meant to be 125C rated wire. After a few weeks of running the enamel breaks down. My research has shown me I am using the wrong wire and I need 200c rated wire. I can get the wire off eBay for like $100 plus delivery from China and that’s for like a 6km roll. don’t really need that much.
Anyway, I’ll put an order in next payday and give it a shot and see what happen.


Mathew Richey

Hi Matthew,

Nice, sounds like a great repair project underway. I lean to this enamel having similar heat ratings as the other stuff you’ve already tried, as it’s more-so for transformers/solenoids. Might be worth grabbing the higher rated stuff, but doing some more hunting given the price points you’ve found so far.