Makerverse Nano Power Timer HAT for Raspberry Pi Pico (CE08492)

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Periodically cycles power to your battery-powered projects

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How can I read the battery voltage from the connected LiPo battery to deduce battery %?


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Hi Manny,

Since the battery voltage can exceed the highest value possible on the Pico’s ADCs (4.2V > 3.3V), you’ll need a voltage divider, and to hook into the VSYS pin (this one is connected to the battery through a reverse-polarity-protection circuit).

You could use a small protoboard to assemble the voltage divider circuit and hook up to the right pins on the Pico:

Keep in mind that the voltage divider would be on all the time, and using a bit of current, so I’d pick high resistance values for the resistors involved.

Let me know if you have any followup questions :slight_smile:

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How would I add solar charging to the, Makerverse Nano Power Timer HAT for Raspberry Pi Pico?

Hey Pete,

Solar power is easiest with a dedicated manager added onto this one most likely. Using something like the Sunflower Power Manager and wire it up to the input tracks on the power timer as you would need to make sure no power is running through the Pico itself so that it isn’t powering it constantly.

Id recommend using a Solar power Manager as solar projects get crazy complex without them.