Pico suggestion - Rework the Makerverse Nano power timer HAT to use RTC control

I would like to control the activation of a Pico using the PiicoDev or Makerverse RTC.
Unfortunately the RV2038 RTC generates a low interrupt output and both Makeverse Nano power timers require a high logic level for the power to be switched on.
I’m currently wiring up a Sparkfun Battery Babysitter to be controlled by the Makerverse RTC - incurring the usual mechanical hassles.
While doing so, it occurred to me that a version of the Makerverse Nano power timer HAT using the already available Makerverse RV2038 logic instead of the current clunky timer logic would offer a better way to control the scheduling logic in a sensor monitoring environment.

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Hi Roger - sounds like you’re onto something!

I’m not sure if the RV-3028 will generate interrupt signals while only powered by the backup capacitor. It sounds like you want to generate an interrupt signal to trigger a power-on.

Something to look up in the datasheet might be whether the RV-3028 requires full Vcc for that behaviour.

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G’day Michael,
It specifically mentions in the application manual that the interrupt is available when in backup state. The documentation seems to indicate that the interrupt is action is performed by means of a MOS-FET pulling an externally supplied load to ground.
I’m actually preparing for a breadboard test of the interrupt at the present time.
I’ll keep you posted on my progress which, however, is often delayed by higher priority (non-electronic) interrupts.

Oh great @Roger74966 :slight_smile: Looking forward to hearing about the outcome.