Makerverse™ Protoboard 30 Row (CE07924)

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A high-quality solderable breadboard with an extra pad per row for wide modules

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Pretty useful looking size. Have just ordered 10
Cheers Bob


Hi all interested parties.
Just received my 10 boards.
To see what they are like as prototyping boards I decided to sacrifice a hole or two to check.
Soldering Iron Goot 65W temp controlled station run at 340ºC.
Desoldering tool plunger “sucker” type.

Selected a hole on the end of one of the busses.
Soldered and removed a component 5 times without any sign of distress.
Held flat of iron tip down on pad for 20 sec. Repeated for second period.
Pad showed no signs of lifting. Checked continuity to verify integrity of plated thru sleeve connection to interior track. All OK.

Summary. Board appears to be of sound quality and with reasonable soldering techniques should withstand a good amount of rework. Fairly important for proto boards. Will do what I need.

Thumbs up.
Cheers Bob


Is the Makerverse Protoboard 30 Row compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico?


Hi James,

Welcome to the forum! :smiley:

Yes, I can confirm that the spacing will work with a Raspberry Pi Pico. You will have 3 holes on either side of the Pico on the ProtoBoard if you center it. And of course the B1-4 columns.


Hi James,

It would also be worth checking out the

Great boards, combined with some female headers they make for a great prototyping platform(combined with breakout modules or a breadboard before soldering) as well.