Making a chromakey green led light for video overlays <- this is the idea.

What i want is a neopixel ring, that is big enough to go around my lenses, and then is addressable with green 00FF00

it would be useful to be able to dim the led ring.

Hi Jayson,

There are lots of Neopixel options - you could make a very large one with four of these segments. They are very easy to control as well. Checkout this Library and/or this guide design for beginners who are new to both Neopixels and Arduino.

are you saying there are 1/4 segments, and the 4 together make that circle?

That’s just the case for this incredibly large Neopixel option. They are very easy to join together and control as one segment. Well, providing you know your way around a little soldering :slight_smile:

that part is sorted out, so how do you program them, and address them… what is the shopping list i need… <- do i need one of these thingys

I cloned the library on github.

That doesnt look too bad. Do i buy all the things from one place? without international shipping costs?

Perhaps start here

We’ve got all the bits listed throughout that tutorial - just put the Adafruit product number into our search box :slight_smile:

Hey Jayson, if you’re using Particle gear, I’ve written a tutorial on using NeoPixel’s with Particle from start to finish! Should get your project rolling.

That looks good I feel I can have a run at it following the hair tutorial