Measure memory requirement for particular software

I need a device or a set of devices that can measure the memory requirement by a particular program or algorithms in IoT devices. Your support is highly appreciated regarding this matter.


Hi Muhammad,

I’m not clear what you mean. Most OSs have memory management (including an RTOS like runs on an ESP-32). You could also write a program which monitors the RAM used on a microcontroller, though the compiler will give you a very good estimate.

This stack overflow thread has some good info:


Pardon my ignorance Mohammad, but isn’t already some sort of task manager type of monitoring available in most OS’, which can do that?


A lot depends on the target processor and the development environment. Are you writing Python for an ESP8266 or Assembler for a PIC12F1501. Some development environments have a simulator, the program is run in the simulator, not on the target hardware, and the simulator will say how much memory is used. There are also JTAG interfaces for various processors that allow real time monitoring. You need to be more specific. What program, written in what language, using what development tools, for what target device?