Measure power consumption for IoT device

I need a device or a set of devices that can measure the power consumption by a particular program or algorithms in IoT devices. Your support is highly appreciated regarding this matter.


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How precisely do you need to measure the power consumption? The Qoitech Otii Arc is a professional grade power monitor that is designed for low-power IoT device design, but it comes with a professional price tag to match.


This is certainly useful information. However, do you know any other devices that measure precise power consumption, please? you know when communication happens between the devices, different software or program or algorithm use different amounts of power. I need to measure the power consumption to run a particular algorithm or program. for example, I will run a description protocol and I need to measure the power that the particular protocol needs.


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You could use an oscilloscope and a shunt resistor. Fundamentally, you need a way to record current and voltage with a very fast response time. A shunt resistor reduces your measurement requirement to measuring 2 voltages with a very high sample rate - which is what an oscilloscope does.

Most DSOs with more than one input will also do mathematical operations on different inputs, so you could use this. The Otii Arc is purpose built for high speed power measurement though, so it’s probably a more reasonable option, depending on the clock speed of your device.


May be try a software solution?
The link is a thread pointing to different software available.


Hi Oliver
If you remove the mains earth connection from your oscilloscope you should be able to connect across the shunt and thus only need 1 input.

I have my DSO powered via a short length of cable with the earth wire disconnected. This wire is left hanging out of one of the mains connectors to indicate no earth connection to those who do not know.

What about using one of the hall effect breakout units. The output can then be measured WRT ground.

If powering via USB how about a USB power monitor. I have a Ruideng AT34 which I find quite good. Displays V, A, and Power plus other useful info. Not very expensive.

There should be lots of ways to measure power.

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