Metal Gearmotor

I would like to purchase 2 off
99:1 Meatal Gearmotor 25Dx54L mm HP 6V
Currently you only have one in store is there a possibility that there is a back order yet to arrive, if not what would be a gearmotor that is as close re specifications the above 99:1.

Thankyou Robert


Hi Robert,

While we currently have one in our warehouse we can order more in! At the moment the ETA is between 4-7 days to get to our warehouse (from there its down to the shipping method you select). There currently aren’t any backorders in.

Unfortunately the motors with similar specs arent on shelf at the moment (and not backorders on the way).

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Hello Liam

Have you in stock a 12V Brushed Metal Gearbox around 150 RPM No Load, Rated Torque say 5 - 7




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