900 RPM Micro Gearmotor running at 12V produces an output of 150RPM


I’m just enquiring about an order I’ve made with a motor I bought from Core-Electronics, its supposed to be a 900RPM Micro Gearmotor, and it is rated to run at 12V. We’ve hooked up the motor to a 12V DC power supply, and only got 150RPM out. I’m just wondering if there’s a step we’ve overlooked here. We really need this 900RPM, so any help provided would be appreciated.


Hi Yona,

That seems strange, so I’ll try and help out as best as I can.

Does the sticker on the bag say ROB-12316? Are there any other markings on the motor itself that identify it, like a model number?
What was your setup for measuring the RPM? Optical or mechanical?
What kind of amperage was the motor pulling from the power supply?