MicroPython driver/library for SX1262 LoRa chip

I am interested in using the WaveShare SX1262 LoRa Node for RPi Pico in peer to peer projects. I did not wish to get involved in LoRaWan or TTN at the beginning because no public networks in Jervis Bay area. I also did not want the added complication of a TTN Gateway to start with. Would like to use MicroPython language as the processor is Pico / Pico W.
My original request was “Are there any guides, libraries or tutorials available just to get started”.
I did find Micropysx126x which seemed the most complete and well documented that I could find. So thought I would share. I am still interested in any information on LoRa peer to peer and in particular the WaveShare SX1262 LoRa Node for RPi Pico.
Thanks Phil

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Welcome back Phil :slight_smile:

Looks like an awesome snippet of code, I managed to find the GitHub repo here: GitHub - ehong-tl/micropySX126X: Semtech SX126X LoRa driver for Micropython and CircuitPython.

The HAT you have is listed in the compatible boards so should work with the examples no worries!

What information in particular were you after?
A couple of tid-bits of info worth remembering:

  • Ensure all of the boards you want to communicate use the same frequency
  • Check that your encoding and decoding match (only really necessary if you are trying to talk with different libraries, i.e. a LoPy to Adafruits RFM bonnet)

Keen to see how you go!

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