Mini Desk Top Lathe

Hey everyone, i want to make a mini desktop lathe using CNC Linear Rail Guide with stepper motor and a 500w Air cooled spindle motor. Im looking for something to digitally control the motor with target rpm and actual rpm and i can program the stepper motor with different preset programs to go in and out at different point on the guide. Also some kind on of cycle and reset button.

My apologies as in new to all this and keen to learn. Thanks Brad

Hi Brad,

Check out this site:

They have a bunch of DIY CNC lathe build projects on there that people have made and shared. If you are going to make a pretty complex project like this a good place to start is with a well detailed tutorial. Then you can vary it however you like, but you will at least have a starting point of parts and programming to work off of.

I hope that helps! Be sure to share the finished project with us!

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