Help needed for arduino controlled Lazy susan project

I am relatively new to electronics and I would really appreciate some help in the following project.
I am building an Arduino controlled turntable (IKEA lazy susan) and wants to control its rotation/position with external input.
Which stepper motor would be good for this job?
I earlier thought of using synchronous microwave motor but then I thought it would be an overkill?
do I have a better alternative to this?

Thanks in advance

Hi Rohit,
I think you’re going to struggle with finding a motor that can turn the table at anything close to the speed of a lazy susan. A high power stepper motor with some low gearing could probably pull it off though.

Hi Sam,
Thanks for the reply.
I was following this project.
However, I am interested in using larger diameter lazy susan.
would any NEMA17 or 23 be fine for this?

Ah, I was picturing one the size typically found in a resteraunt haha. Anything close to that size will be fine with either of those motors, provided you don’t put anything too heavy on it. Ensuring that you get a smooth drive will be more about the mechanism. You don’t want to be putting all of that strain on the motor shaft, ideally you can use some bearings and guides to give it the smoothest possible action.

oh cool,
how about this motor?

please also advise the required motor driver for this?

Thanks again for your help.

I got the system working with 5V stepper motor, it is working fine. but not carrying much weight on top of the turntable.

Hi Rohit,
Glad to hear it. If you need a bit more grunt, then find a motor which offers a better torque than the one you’re using. As far as motor drivers go, take a look at our motor drivers category and you can find our maker favourites which we’d recommend.

Hi Sam,
Good morning thanks again.
will this motor be okay with this project?

Hi Rohit,

I need a bit more information to go off in order to recommend a product to you. What is the diameter of your lazy susan? What is the net weight of it? In order to give you a suggestion, this info is required. Otherwise, just get a fairly large stepper motor that will absolutely work such as this one: POLOLU-1200

Hi Sam,
the dimension of IKEA lazy susan are:
Width: 39 cm
Height: 4 cm
Length: 39 cm
Weight: 1.14 kg

I am planning to put roughly 200g of weight on the lazy susan.
So in total the weight might be around 1.5kg.

Hi Rohit,

The stepper motor I recommended above will do the job for that.