Mini Vibration Motor (10*2.7mm) (FIT0774)

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Just as small as a fingernail, this 10*2.7mm mini vibration motor features a strong vibration, low noise, easy to embed, and long lifespan. Powered by voltage from…

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I have added the FIT0774 Mini Vibration Motor to the Seeeduino XIAO pin 10. but the Motor is not working, what should I do? (The wiring is connected correctly)


Welcome Shuyang,

This motor will draw too much current for an IO pin to output, you may have damaged it but to use this in future you’ll need a MOSFET or relay to control the higher power: MOSFET Power Switch Module | Core Electronics Australia

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May I ask how I should use it?



Certainly, here’s a general guide about MOSFETs: MOSFETs for Makers: Getting Started with High-Power Control - Tutorial Australia

To connect this one I’ll use the underside of the board since it has better info:
You’ll want to use either 5V or 3v3 output from the XIAO, if you are using the power from the MCU you wont need the second ground connection.


your description text (not heading) says 102.7mm probably because the * doesn’t show up?

I was thinking thats’ big :slight_smile: 10 x 2.7mm Ah.

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Hi Peter,

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I’ll get that fixed up right away!