Vibration motor circuit

Hi Guys,I would like to build a vibration motor circuit. The circuit and program will make the motor vibrate every 5 minutes.
Parts required-
Arduino Board
Vibration Motor
1N4001 Diode
0.1µF ceramic capacitor
1KΩ Resistor
2N2222 NPN Transistor
USB Connector

Can I please have some advice on best parts/smallest available parts to purchase? many thanks

Hi Kthain,

You seem to have most of the components sorted, it’s just up to you to decide on which Arduino board you’re after. Given that you’re only driving a single output, any Arduino board can do that, so really whatever one you want will suit.

Thanks Sam, any recommendations for the vibration motor? K

Hi Kthain,

Entirely up to your project’s needs - checkout this range of sizes etc

thanks Graham will have a look :slight_smile:

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