Miniature Wired LEDs - 0805 SMT LED - Blue - 5 pack (ADA5490)

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These ultra-fine wired LEDs are designed for model-makers and crafters but they could also come in handy for folks who want to add tiny points of light to…

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What battery pack is recommended for the Miniature Wired LEDs - 0805 SMT LED - Blue? Or does it come with a battery?

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There is no battery pack included, these are just LEDs with small wires connected to them, the current limiting resistors have not even been added.
They have a forward voltage of around 3.2V so you’ll want to choose a battery that can deliver that.
If you’re not sure how to use current limiting resistors to match your batteries to your LEDs forward voltage check out Michael’s guide I’ve linked below. It will walk you through the whole process.

Adafruit’s All About LEDs guide is also excellent and worth a read as well