MOSFET alternative for simple hygrometer

Hey all,

I’m making a replica soil sensor from DIY Thirsty Plant Kit Manual | Make | Tech Will Save Us with my yr8 STEM class for a mother’s day project using recycled plastic for the structure.
My knowledge of electronics is very minimal unfortunately even despite my best efforts at reading and trying to understand haha.
I’ve got the 10mm LED’s, and the correct resistor, however, am struggling to find the mosfet (when the circuit is not connected, flash LED), it has the numbers IRLZ24, Y68K, AA, 7A printed on it with three pins.
I also need to purchase a hobby solar panel, and didn’t know if I had to get a certain voltage because I’d like to keep it small, 60mm x 80mm, and was thinking 4 Pcs 1.5V 0.65W 60X80mm Micro Mini Solar Panel Cells For Solar Power Energy | eBay as an example.

Any help here would be amazing!

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Hi Chiya,

The MOSFET used is an IRLZ24 with these specifications which is an N-channel power MOSFET. We have a fairly generic replacement on our site you can use instead with the same pinout and similar specs.

There aren’t really any details on the solar panel but it says it makes about as much electricity as a small AA battery in bright light. AAs usually have around 1.2 to 1.5 volts output which matches well with the nominal output of the eBay solar cells you linked.

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Amazing! Thank you so much! Electronics is a whole new world above basic circuits that you learn at highschool haha


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