Most probably dead pi4

Hello good people.

I write more for emotional support than anything else. I have pi4 4gb. She won’t load off Bootloader, she won’t load off USB, she won’t load off microSD. I have all the reason in the world to assume she is … Dodo bird.

What can I do with her carcass, save turn her over to my local shop for E-waste?

I thank you for your emotional and constructive support. -Damien

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Well there are quite a few options for creative recycling of ewaste

(I myself own a very loverly ring made from PCB)

and art

However it’s pretty time-consuming & there may be some safety issues around cutting up old boards -->I’d do some research

  • Condolences for your pi4 :black_heart: Sometimes you have to break stuff to make stuff

Hi Damien,

Building off of Wolf’s suggestions I’d be tempted to try and resin cast the Pi 4 into a drink coaster or something like that. Mostly because I haven’t played around with clear resin casting yet, but I think a clear drink coaster would serve as a suitable mausoleum for your fallen Raspberry Pi.