Motor Drivers vs. Motor Controllers

Sam just shared a new tutorial: "Motor Drivers vs. Motor Controllers"

If you’ve ever built a robot with wheels, or any motorised parts really, you’ll have come across the issue of needing to drive it from your microcontroller. Because a standard chip is only able to output a small amount of current, you&rsq…

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Hi Sam
I have come onto this site because it sells a highly recommended motor driver.
This tutorial is fantastic and well written

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Hey Darren,

That’s great to hear! If you were looking into it for a robotics project, we recommend taking a look at these tutorials for DC Motor Control with an Arduino and How To Control A Motor with the Raspberry Pi.

They are both great starting points for utilising two of the most popular dev boards as controllers for motors in an electronics project!

Hi Owen,
The platform is using brushed DC motors so I’m going down the Sabertooth 2x32 path possible going to the 2x60, but I do like this forum, thanks for your help the other day via chat