Controlling 24V DC Brushed Motors

I am looking for an ESC which can drive 24V brushed motors

The search terms you’re after are PWM motor driver :slight_smile:

Do you sell anything similar to this?

Yes, Core electronics does - but I’m just another customer.

Pretty sure the Syren from DFRobot is fairly similar. Or the VNH5019 from Pololu. Or the Roboclaw motor-drivers. Lots of options!


Hi Carlo,

Oliver33 is correct, the closest thing we have in our range is the RoboClaw 2x30A Board

The VNH5019 is also a good pick, but it has a little less than half the current capacity



Hi Carlo
What sort of brushed motor? The only figure you have put forward to date is 24V. There are probably more varieties of 24V motors out there than controllers so anyone suggesting a controller is really only guessing. How about quoting the all important current requirement. That would narrow the field somewhat or if requirement moderate enough maybe any of those quoted would do. I think that most would handle 24V easily enough.
All this is assuming you want speed control (you haven’t indicated). If you just want ON/OFF then that is fairly easy. Also do you want direction control, ie; a reversible controller.

If you don’t know the maximum current you can get a good idea.
Measure the resistance across the motor connections while VERY SLOWLY rotating the motor. You may get varying results depending on commutator and brush condition Note the lowest reading. The reading must be when the motor is stationary as it will be a generator while moving and feed voltage into the meter. That is why the motor must be rotated VERY slowly.
Divide 24 by your reading in ohms.That will be the approximate STALL current in Amps which is what you have to consider when looking at the max motor current.
Cheers Bob