Motorcycle dashboard conformal coating

G’day all,

I currently own a Moto Guzzi Sport motorcycle and these particular bikes, along with a few of their cousins (Breva/Norge/Griso) are sometimes prone to dash failures due to moisture ingress, which attacks the dashboard PCB.

Doing some research into trying to prevent a failure on my bike, applying a conformal coating to the PCB seems to be a good investment. Whilst searching for conformal coatings, I found this site and I think that one of these 2 products would be suitable.

(MG Chemicals 422B Silicone Modified Conformal Coating 55ml Australia)


Can anyone offer an opinion on which one of these would be suited? Or am I completely barking up the wrong tree and need another product all together?

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Hey Steve,

Conformal coating is definitely a good option in a bike - it helps fight vibration failures too. I doubt there’s anything on the board that gets hot but it’d be good to check. The biggest downside of conformal coating is that it keeps the heat in so it you may need extra cooling.

Core has 3 types of coating from MG Chemicals that I could find - a normal acrylic, fast drying acrylic, and a high temperature silicone one.

Here’s a link to a comparison chart:

If you’ve got time on your side (eg. if this is a Sunday ride bike) I’d go with the normal drying acrylic. It’s easiest to work with.

If you need something else though they’ll often order it in once you know specifically what you’re after.


Thanks Oliver,
sorry to ask a numpty question, but which product is the ‘normal drying’ acrylic out of 419c and 419d? The comparison chart doesn’t give any info on the 419c, but the 419e isn’t listed on the site for sale.
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Not at all! 419C is the fast drying, 419D is the slower drying.

Check out MG Chemicals site for their full range:

If you want something specific just shoot their support an email. They’re usually pretty good at listing new products if it’s something from their existing suppliers


Thanks so much for your help Oliver, I really appreciate it.