Multiple solenoid control with Arduino

Greetings all, I am a newbie to the boards and to electronics control design in general. I appreciate any help with my design problem.

I need to control two 12v solenoid air valves alternating one open and the other closed in 4 second cycles, while simultaneously controlling a pair of 12v latch solenoids in a .3 second open/.6 second closed cycle. There is no synchronization of the different cycles required, as long as all elements are running at the same time on a continuous loop.

Hoping that an Arduino Uno could handle this task. Not sure what other pieces to the puzzle are required to make it a reality, but probably will need help with code too, since this is my first venture.

If there is a tutorial relevant to my assignment I appreciate a link to shorten my search.


Hey Tim,

This motor driver shield should work for exactly what you need while only needing one Arduino for all 4 solenoids.

You would just use it the exact same way you’d use a motor shield normally, except you will just replace the motors with the solenoids.

This power supply should be perfect for running the 4 solenoids (you could even run the Pi off it as it has its own onboard voltage regulator).

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Owen, thanks for the excellent guidance and suggestions. The setup looks like it would work well for my application.
Since I am such a rookie, can you or anyone else suggest a particular tutorial to begin with for programming the code? I don’t mind starting with the bonehead basics first and working my way up to a confident level later.