Electromagnet Control

Hi All.
Just purchased the ADA3874 Electromagnet before even considering how to turn it on or off with arduino.
I have the ADA Motor Shield v2 which I can hang it off. The blurb says. “Since its a coil, you’ll need to use a motor or solenoid driver with kick-back protection.”
Can I use this? or a Relay shield (DFR0144)? or do I consider something else.


Hi Peter,

Adafruit’s motor shield V2 does not include any flyback diodes - you can check the schematic for yourself here: Adafruit Learning System

FYI, the wikipedia article on FLyback Diodes is a great resource:

DF Robot’s Relay Shield does include flyback diodes on the relay solenoids:

Here’s the link to the schematic.

We’ve also got a good article on controlling solenoids which is directly applicable to controlling an electromagnet: