Nano 33 BLE OpenMV IDE

Hi All,

I was looking at trying out Python and in my research I discovered you can program a Nano 33 BLE (it isn’t a sense) with MicroPython. You need to go through a few steps (

However, OpenMV IDE keeps asking for the latest bootloader which I believe I have.

Please note in the serial monitor I answer Y to the “install Soft Device” question.

I have attached some screenshots in the order of the process taken.

Steps in order.

Can anyone see what I am doing wrong?

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Hi Boyd,

It does look like you’re doing everything right, though this bit of text in the guide makes me think you’re supposed to get some output after hitting Y and Enter

Could you share what comes up after that in the terminal?

Keen to get to the bottom of this with you!

Hi James,

Thanks for getting back to me. I wasn’t really sure if the update had even taken place. When I thought it was updating, the led’s on the board didn’t flash/blink to indicate it was communicating with the PC.

I only assumed it had finished updating because off the line after “restarting”


How long do think the update and then restart should take?

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Hi Boyd,

You should definitely see activity in the terminal after hitting Y then Enter. Here’s what I got:

Could you try the following sequence to see how far along you get along:

  1. Flash the board with the “Blink” example, verify it flashes OK and that the orange LED on the board blinks once per second once flashed.
  2. Flash the board with the Examples → Nano33BLE_System → Nano33_updateBLandSoftDevice code, verify it flashed OK (no errors in the terminal), then open the serial monitor, select the text box up the top, type Y and then enter, and see what output is given?
  3. If correctly flashed, the orange LED on the board will slowly pulse on and off.

Give that a go and let me know how far you get along, or if you notice anything different than me.

Hi James,

Thanks again.

  1. I can confirm blink example works,

  2. Confirm Nano33BLE_System … SoftDevice install,

  3. Then went to serial monitor and typed in “Y”
    3.1. after saying “Y” to install Soft Device, serial monitor showed flash progress but just kept coming back asking to install Soft Device. Please see screen shot and video.

Points to note,

  • The Nano disconnects comms port from the PC after SoftDevice install,
  • I can reconnect the comms port,
  • During the SoftDevice install, the power LED is constantly lit,
  • I can reload Blink example without an issue.
  • At no stage during all this has the board been disconnected or powered down.

I don’t believe the SoftDevice install is taking, even though the serial monitor is saying it is.

If there is no solution, to me it is no big deal, I just wanted to try MicroPython as I am struggling to grasp C++.
FWIW I am having trouble with some dual stepper motor code ( I can home the 2 stepper motors at startup, but once they have homed, I want to be able to push a button and have them move to a certain amount of steps simultaneously and then stop and wait for another push botton to go to another location. Stepper motors need to work together)

Recording 2023-06-20 (2.5 MB)

Kind Regards