Natural Disaster Sensor Project for Micro:bit

Stephen just shared a new tutorial: "Natural Disaster Sensor Project for Micro:bit"

The Micro:bit is a feature-packed development board that’s perfect for the classroom or the beginner programmer. Each Micro:bit has a built-in radio that can transmit and receive signals sent from other Micro:bits. The radio has a range of up t…

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Dear Clinton
I have an error showing in the the ‘on radio received’ code for the Disaster Sensor receiver code. Screen shot attached.
Please advise
Kind regards

Hi Susan
The problem here seems to be that you are trying to compare a string to a number.
In yours the if name = block is comparing to a variable seismic. in the original code of the tutorial it is a string seismic.


What do I need to do to change that?

Under the advanced section there is a text option the quotes one should be what you are after, hopefully this screenshot helps.

Ok I changed that and my errors went away so all good there.
Now I’m trying to run the simulator and gather data on the receiver but nothing is recording - do I need to depress either A or B button on Receiver?
Or change the ‘Mode’ to another value to get plot?

Hey Susie,

I am not sure is it plotting nothing or not plotting? If you want to post what is in your plotting code I can see if I can figure it out.

Dear Clinton

I can’t get the Receiver to ‘collect data’ - no file to download to show (plot) seismic movement .

Kind regards


Dear Clinton,
I cant get the MakeCode for Micro:Bit to display Show Data Device for us to be able to collect our data.
Any advice on how to get this working?

Kind Regards,
Aoife (eefa)