Need Help with Programming/IDE's

So basically, I am running into a few issues.

I want to use micropython for the next few reasons.

  • A lot of people online state that its too hard to program a custom library for the WS2812B LED’s, and I need a custom library to run the actual device I plan to create, which;
  • I cannot nest libraries in libraries, according to some arduino staff they said its hard to get to work, and most libraries aren’t built to support nesting, and will cause tons of errors.

However, I am running into some issues with micropython.

  • I cannot find an IDE that is reliable enough (works like 80% of the time) thonny usually throws an error after a few uploads, and the only way to fix it seems to be closing it, unplugging the device, and then opening thonny and reconnecting the device, which is extremely ineffiecient.
  • That then leads me onto the next point. Thonny hardly supports its version of intellisense, in which some libraries that don’t fully show up, it cannot seem to give help, or at least tell me what options I have for the library, which is why I much prefer VSCode for my programming and such.

This leads me to my last point. The only things I have found that are supported in VSCode is the Pi-Pico, Pi-Pico W and any board that adafruit does (using micropython, or circuit python)

So basically, TL;DR, Is there any way I can program a TinyS3 using micropython or circuit python in VSCode.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Maddie,

I haven’t used VSCode much myself so I can’t weigh in there but out of curiosity what was the error message you get after repeated uploads with Thonny?
We use Thonny quite a bit and recommend it in our guides so if there’s a way of generating an error we haven’t seen we want to know about it so we can help people avoid it.

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Interesting, I seem to stand corrected, the issue I had seems to be related to the old device I had, as my new current device does not seem to show it. the error was Backend not ready and it usually happend when I ran looping programs (While True: statements usually) and would stop the Pico from communicating to my computer. Well now that is fixed, guess im using Thonny :blush: