Adafruit SGP30 on Raspberry Pi Pico

Hiya, I am having a bit of trouble installing the libraries for my Adafruit SGP30 sensor on my Raspberry Pi Pico.

I am programming the Pico through Thonny running on my Rasberry Pi model 3B. I was running the sensor off my Rasberry Pi’s GPIO Pins directly fine earlier, but when I load micropython OR ciruit python onto Pico and I try to install the driver (GitHub - adafruit/Adafruit_CircuitPython_SGP30: CircuitPython driver for SGP30 VoC sensor) I am hit with the error “minipip returned with error code 1”

Does anyone know what the cause of this is? I am able to run piicodev sensors fine but not the adafruit.


Hey Cameron,

Minipip currently has some issues with installing particular dependencies for some of the older libraries. The devs opened up an issue on it earlier in the year, but it seems that there may be some cases that haven’t been caught yet:

The quickest fix is to check the dependencies for the library that you’re using, and make sure that Thonny (or your chosen IDE) is able to find the libraries from your script (for example by downloading them manually into your lib folder as aivarannamaa describes in the GitHub issue I linked above rather than trying to use minipip as a package manager in this case)

Please let us know how you go with it. It’d be quite useful to know which resources to direct people to in future if they run into the same issue. All the best with your project! We’ll be here if you have any other questions.