Neopixel ring (24) need help guys making a diffuser for the rings

Need to make diffuser for the neopixel ring
Not sure how to
If you guys and give me some ideas

Hey Krishnil,

Heaps of different materials you can use as a diffuser, really the depending factor is cost and how long you want it to last for.

A cheap option which will yield great results would be employing Wax Paper (like baking paper) and laying that over the top of the lights (heads up don’t use normal paper as under long operation as LEDs can get very hot). You can use multiple layers to get more diffusion. Shower curtain material would work too.

You could also 3D print a diffuser to sit ontop of the Neopixel ring, which looks like it came out very swell, guide here

Another more plush option would be using silcone tubing as the diffuser. It gives a neon light effect, very pleasing to the eyes.

Kind regards,