New video by Michael; Our Rigol DS1104Z Oscilloscope Review

New video! The 1000Z line of oscilloscopes from Rigol is one of our favourites. They have luxuriously large displays, deep memory and about all the features you’d want in a 'scope. Often, a long list of features implies difficult to navigate menus, but the user-experience from these 'scopes is great! The second row of context buttons down the left of the screen give you button-per-item interaction rather than more endless scrolling.

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Hi Michael. a useful quick review. However, how can i turn off (unselect) a soft menu item after showing it. Example look at Vpp, then turn it off.
These soft menus are difficult to understand and manuals assume too much and seem unaware off the lack of clarity.
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Are you sure you have an 1104z and not a 1054z?
Controls should be similar though - from memory you use the 6 physical menu buttons to choose a menu, and turn the menu off by pressing one of the buttons twice.

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Yes, it s an MSO1104Z which is similar I guess. I found a result myself eventually. The soft menu on the right is selected differently by pressing the “menu” buttons on the right side off the 'scope. I usually choose the “MENU” under the trigger panel.
But look carefully at the text printed on right side off the 'scope between the knobs. See that there is a line around the buttons and white-on-grey (hard to read) text saying “MENU” so these are the Menu buttons! Also see lines around groups of buttons such as “VERTICAL”, “HORIZONTAL” and “TRIGGER”. Choices in these buttons will all change the soft button menu on the right side of the screen.
So, first place a few soft menu items at the bottom of the screen by pressing various buttons on the left. I choose “Freq” and then “MENU” at the top to change to the vertical menu choices then choose"Vpp". Note that the previous choices can be seen greyed out and these can be quickly activated again if needed.
But now, choose the “Measure” button on the right side which is in the “MENU” panel to the left of the “Help” button which on my 'scope is green. See that the soft menu on the screen three items down is “Clear”. The “Clear” button will show a list of items on the screen as “Item1”, “Item2 etc. to I"Item5”. Each of these items can now be turned off or all off them can be turned off together by using “All Items”-“Delete” and then “Recover”.
To escape from the “Clear” menu items press the down button then the return soft button and you are back at the “Measure” panel.
I made a video using the Rigol DS6000 Demo Board. It is here:
Video on TouTube shows the button usage for soft menus
Here is a snapshot of the 'scope so you can see the buttons I’m talking about.
Rigol MSO1104Z Soft Menus with DS6K Demo Board


Great video Barry :slight_smile: I just watched the whole thing. Really clear and a good reference.