New video by Sam; Hakko Soldering Gear Tips (FX-888D & H503W)

New video! We take a look at at two different types of soldering irons and which one is going to be best for your workshop. To make life easier, we’re sticking with our most trusted brand; Hakko and the FX-888D / H503W

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It would be great to follow this up with suggestions about tips for working with SMD components. The range of tips for the FX-888 is just overwhelming, so it would be nice to get some rule of thumb for choosing.


Hi Rodney,

An excellent tip to start off SMD soldering would be the T18-S4 or the T18-C05 for drag soldering IC’s. And you may also know that flux is essential for doing finer work and getting good flow on contacts.
The main tips on tips for soldering SMD components is a fine tip and a thin body so that it is maneuverable.

I would also recommend checking out this link from EEVblogs:

If you are looking to do bulk work where you are populating whole PCB’s, I would use a laser-cut stencil, Michael has a great video here:


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The solder stencil video was before we got our new toys. Not much use for the home gamer, but have a look at this kit we’ve got now :smiley: