No command prompt from Terminal

I’m having difficulty getting the CLI prompt using terminal and via headless access using Putty. I can login (i.e. enter username and password) and the the session starts but no prompt.
I have rebooted a number of times and I have recreated the ssh file in the boot partition but no change.


Hi Rudy,

Hmm, that’s an odd one!
Here’s a few stack-exchange posts I found that have a few ideas for a solution in the answers:

Fastest solution might be to just try again though - re-image your SD card, and follow our headless setup tutorial here:


I couldn’t work out how to execute the fixes suggested in these articles (not enough python knowledge) so resorted to reflashing the sd card. All works now. Thanks for your help


Hey Rudy,

Excellent! Sounds like there may have been a missing or adjusted config setting in the original that needed to be switched back to stock. Glad to hear it’s running now. If you have any other questions please let us know.