How to wireless control Raspberry Pi 4 from MacBook?

My son and I tried a long time to wireless connect our Macbook with Raspberry Pi via SSH to be able to send commands to our robotic car, but all efforts ended up in failure. We were asked to provide the password of our Pi, but the access was denied even though we input our password. Could anybody send me some instruction video(s) on how to remove the raspberry pi from Macbook?

Hi Lingzi,

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We have a guide that covers how to control a Raspberry Pi via SSH that you can read below.

There are a few key points that have to be completed in order, otherwise the process will not work. SSH needs to be enabled on the Raspberry Pi SD card, you can do this via Pi Imager’s extra settings menu before the SD card is flashed. Otherwise you will need to configure the Raspberry Pi using a monitor and keyboard the first time so you can enable SSH.

Additionally since Raspberry Pi Imager version 1.7.2 you will need to define a username and password before the Pi will finish booting, and SSH will not be possible until the user account is defined. You can set this up via the extra settings menu in Pi imager. If you are not using an ethernet connection, the WiFi settings will also need to be enabled in this way.

Are you able to see the Raspberry Pi successfully on your network if you view your network map via your router?

Finally, just in case the password was initially set up wrong it might be worth re-flashing the Pi OS and setting up the user account again. A typo during setup could cause the issue you are having now.

Thank you so much! I should’ve come here earlier. the Putty works perfect it’s beautifully resolved on my issue.
However, my Mac doesn’t work, while my pc undertook the work. I have two questions:

  1. how to re- configure pi for headless access if the wifi changes?
  2. Why Mac couldn’t access pi via SSH? Which commander should I use?

Thank you again

If the WiFi changes you’ll need to take out the SD card and create a file called wpa_supplicant.conf with your new WiFi details on the BOOT partition of the card. You can then put it back in your Pi and it will update the WiFi settings.

If you do it this way, you won’t lose any information on your SD card.