Non-Linear 3D Printing Challenge

Hey Core Electronics Community,

I’ve got a challenge for anyone that uses a 3D printer. By following Hackadays guide below, it’d be an interesting learning experience to see who can make the most smooth top layers and edging of a non-linear 3D print. Be sure to share your photos of your completed print and the specs/settings of your machine as posts here, should be some fun competition. Happy printing!

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hi all, i’ve got a design i need 3d printed, but ABS and PLA are too rigid. it needs to be flexible , but still have the strength. What are your recommendations? and do you know anyone that could print it?

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Hey Darren,

Have a look into TPU filaments. They’re the go to when you need strength and flexibility - ie. lots of toughness.


Hi Darren,

Just to add on to what Oli said I would take a look at compliant mechanisms. They do have a short lifespan comparend to a full TPU print but do offer flexibility in some areas.
Tim recently put a video up about integrating 3D prints with fabrics which might be worth taking a look into.

I’m not aware of any companies that will be able to print TPU off the top of my head, although the Ender 3 Pro should be able to print the filament.



Hey, can you recommend any good 3D printer? I wanted to buy one for my husband as a birthday gift, but I know nothing about it. Here I came across a review, but it wasn’t really helpful actually.

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Hey Casey,

I would recommend the Ender 3 V2 personally.

A great beginner filament is to pair with it is PLA with a lower melting temp and no enclosure needed. There is a bit of a learning curve that is discussed over on Makers Muse and Teaching Tech (both are Australian YouTubers and have a passion for sharing their expertise).

If you have any questions in particular about any printers I’m more than happy to help out as much as I can!

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Just stumbled across this video demonstrating some phenomenal non-planar printing: Non-planar 3D printing on Ender 3 V2 - YouTube