Number Plate / License Plate Scanner


I am looking for some support regarding a project I am looking at placing on a remote control car, which would scan number plates taking the example from: ANPR / ALPR system running on NVIDIA Jetson nano at realtime - YouTube

In terms of hardware I am thinking:

Camera: Raspberry Pi Camera Board - Night Vision & Fisheye 160° Lens (5MP) Australia
Hardware: Jetson Nano - NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ 2GB Developer Kit (without 802.11ac Wireless Adapter) Australia
Case: Jetson Nano Metal Case/Enclosure - with Cooling Fan and Camera Holder Australia

Am I missing anything?

Hi Dylan,

Interesting vision project! As far as hardware, don’t forget to grab an SD card and a power source.

Here’s the link to the GitHub repo for the project if anyone’s interested:

You may also want to grab a WiFi module, depending on what you’re doing.

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