OctoPrint Integration with Cura 2.6+ Lulzbot Edition

Aidan just shared a new tutorial: "OctoPrint Integration with Cura 2.6+ Lulzbot Edition"

OctoPrint Integration is one of my favourite new features in Cura 2.6+: LulzBot Edition. In short, this integration means that you can print and control your 3D Printer via it’s OctoPrint server. All from within your slicer window on your PC. The cur…

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Such a great feature! Wondering if/when during the print I can shut down Cura and leave it to Octoprint?

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Yeah, you can. When you print with Octoprint, Cura is uploading a copy of the gcode file to the OctoPrint server. It doesn’t require Cura to be open at all.

Can I install my Raspberry Pi3 with my Lulzbot Mini using Cura 3.6.18?