Oscilating Servo Motor

I wish to make a prototype of and bed frame that rocks the bed from side to side.
There will be a stationary frame that contacts the ground and a second frame on wheels above the first frame.
The servo motor/s will move the second frame in an oscillating motion of 100 mm every 4 seconds over the first frame.
The two frames the mattress and the 2 occupants would weigh approx 400 kg.
So the motors would need to move approx half that weight. Testing will determine what the load would be.
This is an ongoing requirement once the right components have been established

Hi Peter,

You could get a couple linear actuators If the bed frame is holding most of the weight then I think these would do the job. The other option would be to design a more mechanical solution with gears and attach a fairly large electric motor.

G’Day Clinton,
Thank you for your help.
That actuators meets all the criteria except the duty cycle is 25%
So it can work continuously 1 min in 4 mins.
I will need something that runs continuously for the length of a sleep say 8 hours.
I want something low profile like the actuator.
Do you know if the actuator can be easily controlled to work over that stroke length at that rate of 4 seconds?

Hey Peter,

I’m not sure we will have anything quite up to the scale of what you want. though you may be able to use one of the DC motors Gear motors by attaching some more gears or a screw. Most DC motors are fairly durable and some of the stepper motors might be up to the task but they do tend to be a little noisy (I assume you want it to be quiet). You may need to hunt down something slightly larger. The actuators are fairly easy to control, positive voltage for forward and negative for back.