Continuous servo motor to rotate carbon fibre plate with 1 kg load on

I need a continuous servo that will rotoate a carbon fibre plate that will have about a 1 or 2 kg load on it

The signal for controlling it will be pwm from a drone flight controller at 5 volts.

Can you recommend one of your products please?


Welcome to the forum, fantastic, what’s the maximum and minimum PWM that the controller that you’re using can output?

The pulse width is usually fairly similar on most continuous rotation Servo Motors (which I’m assuming is the type of motor you’re looking for here, rather than a Stepper) and it’ll be listed like this:

  • Range of PPM positive pulse width:400us-2550us

Here’s an example of the kind of motor that you’d be after for this purpose:

And here’s a link to the category of Continuous Steppers at Core Electronics that you can take a look through: