Ozobot 2.0 Bit - Dual Pack (Crystal White & Titanium Black) (CE04711)

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The Ozobot Bit is a smart, fun & educational robot that gives people of all ages a easy way to learn programming.

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Good product and very engaging for younger kids who have the first contact with robots.
The ability to programme using a blockly dialect is great and the accompanying apps are good as well.
Only draw back is that there are no pens with some of the packages and it took a while to find ones that have the right color and width so it is detected when driven over.


Hi Bernd,

Glad to hear you’re getting good value out of the Ozobots - they are a hit at our local workshops as well.

Re markers, I find that while sometimes colour can be an issue, line thickness is very important. Aim for at least 3mm; and regardless of marker brand it should work.

With that said, the official Ozobot Markers are -always- going to work. Use the full width of the marker and you are good to go. We have the makers separately, and in our Ozobot Workshop and Classroom kits.

Thanks Graham,

You are right thickness is more important than color. Just noticed it when I had a more in detail play with my kids.

Cheers ,Bernd