Pan-tilt kits


I’ve been looking at the two pan-tilt kits here (Pimoroni Picade Pan-Tilt Hat (Full Kit) | Core Electronics Australia
and Pan-Tilt HAT For Raspberry Pi and Jetson Nano | DFRobot FIT0731 | Core Electronics Australia)

Can you please tell me how they are different?

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Hi @Vx2124,

At a glance the main differences between the two kits is how capable they are going to be when adding additional modules to boost the base functionality of the pan-tilt hat.

They both contain a similar hat to control movement of the servos through a raspberry pi but the Pimoroni one also has a built in microcontroller inside of its HAT. This would allow you to combine this with a large range of extra lights, LED’s, sensors and the like.

It looks like the DFRobot kit comes with a light sensor built into the board which would be useful for measuring lighting conditions for a camera but does not have any additional functionality in the direction of a microcontroller like the Pimoroni HAT.

If you haven’t seen it already we have a guide for using the Pimoroni Pan-Tilt Hat that may give you a better understand of what this device can do.

In general, if you are just after a Pi Hat to control the movement of a camera the DFRobot Pan-Tilt HAT will do the job. If you are after something that is a little more capable for a more complex project then its probably worthwhile looking into the Pimoroni Picade Pan-Tilt Hat.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @Samuel

I have ordered the Pimoroni :slight_smile:

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No worries @Vx2124,

I hope you have fun with it, its a cool project for sure! :smiley: