Part that charges up then releases electricity

Is there a part that slowly charges up electricity and then suddenly bursts it out?
If so what is it called?

Hi Jye,

You might be thinking of a capacitor, it can store energy and then release it. Large value capacitors are typically used for helping power supplies survive during “dips”, small value variants are useful for shorting high-frequency noises to ground.

There are a lot of other uses for caps, though if you are new to electronics and are interested with analog-type stuff, then something like this is a great starting point (despite it’s novel apperance).

Okay thanks, just wanted to clear that up because my dad said something about a solenoid so thanks!

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Basically a car ignition coil does the same thing. The points close connecting 12V across the primary side of the coil and it charges up. When the points open the charge is release as high voltage across the spark plug (30,000V) on the secondary side of the coil. Points in modern cars are electronic switches.

A solenoid is also a coil and can produce an inductive kick when switched off. This might be what was being referred too.