Vehicle cut-off switch

Ok, I have a little project and I need to find parts to do it, hopefully this is the right forum to use :slight_smile:
My Bus/Motorhome has a 24v starter system which has to be disconnected when parked or the starter battery goes flat. trouble is that this switch is both ancient and in the engine compartment. what I want to do is use a keypad/arduino system is the cabin to drive a solenoid switch in the engine compartment (12meters away) to connect or disconnect the battery isolator switch.
any help with finding a product that will physically connect / disconnect the power to the engine via a solenoid would be greatly appreciated. (i have a 12v system for all electronics) . cheers

Hi Pete,

I would have a look at relays,This one has 12 V logic and seems to be rated to your project.

I would double-check the peak voltages and currents that your starter system produces to make sure that the components don’t fail.

P.S. An Arduino system might be using 5 V or 3.3 V depending on the board, I would use this relay if an Arduino is controlling it.