Particle Electron 3G Kit raspberry pi

Hello i would like to use the above with a raspberry pi and make a phone to make and receive phone calls in Australia , will that be suitable as 2g network is no longer available in Australia .
Will it also work with any sim card provider whiting Australia ?


Hi Dimitrios,

I have been looking into this a bit. While you can make and receive phone calls from the Electron, you cant easily make or receive voice calls.

Here is a Forum conversation about the intricacies of calls via the Electron:

You should be able to use any 3G supporting SIM card with this device.

I should point out that you might not need a Raspberry Pi with the Electron, as this is a fully featured micro-controller and should be able to control most devices directly.

I hope that helps! Good luck with your project!

Hi Stephen , thanks for your reply.

I don’t need to make voice calls

All I need is making or receive calls and identify the number that calls

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