Battery mointor alarm

hi i was needing some advice on how to make my ardiuno device that can sms when battery has a current draw . also when battery reqjures replacement.
i was thinking of use ardiuno uno … with a 800sim gsm
i was unable to find hall effect.sensor that is cable of 150a dc . can i get ypur throught please

Hi @chehadie58152,

It might be best to use a more modern board such as Particle Electron (which has 3G built in). You can’t send SMS, but you can send emails along with push data to the cloud.

Let us know how you get on with it!

silly question is that compitabke with ardiuno uno?

If your Arduino has access to the internet, then sure. But if it doesn’t, then perhaps use a Particle Photon instead which is the WiFi variant of Electron:

Or use two Electrons if neither have access to WiFi. Either way, Arduino boards are not well designed for use with the internet. Particle, Pycom and other brands hero with internet-ready platforms.