Particle Internet Button blinkremote.cpp:1:43: fatal error: InternetButton/InternetButton.h:

Hi Sam,

Hi, I bought a Particle Internet Button from Core at the Maker Faire. I am trying to get the first sketch going called blink an LED and I’m getting this error:
blinkremote.cpp:1:43: fatal error: InternetButton/InternetButton.h: No such file or directory
#include “InternetButton/InternetButton.h”

compilation terminated.
make[1]: *** […/build/target/user/platform-6blinkremote.o] Error 1
make: *** [user] Error 2


Hi Malcom,
Are you trying to use the built in example called Blink from the IDE examples?

Yes that’s right. It’s on the page:

Ok great, have you gone through and included the Internet Button library as well as copying and pasting the example code?

I’ve copied and pasted the sample code. Are you referring to the statement : #include “InternetButton/InternetButton.h”? That is in the code, but if it refers to a separate action, I can’t see any reference to that.

Yeah it can be a little hidden at first, the #include tells your code that you’re referring to that library, but you actually need to go through the steps of including the internet button library in the library tab of the IDE. In the link you provided, there is a bit of text in bold mentioning that whilst also including the #include in your code, you also need to include the library.
Follow the link shown there and you should be able to compile your code.

OK Thanks Sam. That fixed it.
Appreciate the help.
I’ll look through the libraries for more code samples.



Not a problem Malcom, It’s an easy thing to miss the first time, especially if you’ve come from Arduino where the #include does the job