Particle photon and sensors

I am interested in connecting sensors to a Particle Photon. I have a TCS3200 RGB sensor that works with an Arduino. Has anyone connected a sensor like this to a photon?

Hi Peter,

Particle uses Wiring, the same code framework as Arduino. That means that most Arduino code will run on a Particle board with no modifications. You just need to change the code to accommodate the Photons pins and it will work just the same.

The one difference it that the Particle Photon uses 3.3v logic, so plugging in a 5v sensor will be very bad. You may need to use a logic level converter:

This particular sensor can take either be powered by either so you may not need one, but read the datasheet when in doubt.

Let us know how your project works out and share the results on the forum once your done!

Thanks yes I thought voltage might be a problem

Is there a sensor that works with 3.3 volts?

I will also research logic level converters


Sensors come in different voltages. Logic level converters are really simple if you need to use them.