WS2812 Addressable LEDs: Particle Quickstart Guide

Michael just shared a new tutorial: " WS2812 Addressable LEDs: Particle Quickstart Guide"

This tutorial is aimed at getting some instant gratification from your WS2812B LEDs (trade name: NeoPixels). I’ll briefly cover a bare-bones setup for the Particle Photon.
If you’ve never used any Particle hardware before, learn how to get one set u…

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Can you tell me what model the logic level converter is? Is it this one?

It doesn’t look quite the same as the one in the diagram, but would that one be suitable?

Also can you suggest what we would need in addition to supply battery power?
I’m a complete electronics newbie so any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Yep, that will work just fine. Here is a guide for logic level converters if you were interested:

Thanks Graham

So would we be able to connect a power source such as a 9v battery directly to the HV and GND as shown in the diagram?

HV is the “higher” logic voltage, typically 5V. It is the voltage that low logic levels will be shift “up to”.

To be more clear - Do not connect a 9V battery to HV. You’ll likely destroy anything digital devices relying upon/using the HV logic level.

Thanks again. Do you have any recommendations as to how to supply the required voltage via battery or USB, and what additional components we might need. I’m sorry if this seems like a very basic question but we are electronics newbies and I have not been able to find this information elsewhere

Hi Barnaby,

It might be best to create a new topic for your own project, as Michael’s tutorial works fine the way it is described.