Pi To All The World With GPIO

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So you’ve got your Raspberry Pi. You’ve gotten NOOBS setup on it, explored Raspbian a bit, and you’re feeling like a bit of a pro. Awesome! Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty side of things, what it’s all about, GPIO…

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Hey all,

I’m attempting to assemble my first circuit. I’ve checked to make sure the wires I am using are compatible with my breadboard and that has been confirmed, but I still can’t get this thing to work.

The button state persistently reads as 1, irrespective of whether it’s being pressed or not.

Tried my best with the images, but if you need others just let me know:

Can anyone help?

Hey Toby,

It looks like from a glance that you have everything set up as per the instructions. One thing you can try is to rotate the button to see if that helps.

Out of question, are you using the new Bookworm OS?


Hi All
My money would be on the button. Rotate it 90º and see what happens.
Are the LED leads connected correctly. It is a bit hard to see clearly but it looks like 2 LED leads going to the same row.
Cheers Bob